Storage Solutions for Tablets

Tablet devices are not as durable as laptop computers. You can close a laptop to protect the screen and then tuck it away in a padded laptop case to further protect it.

However tablets can be a bit more difficult to store. Their screens are always exposed and their slim design means there’s not much material between the outside world and the internal workings of the tablet device.

If you’re a company or school that has multiple tablets for employees or students to use then that can pose further storage problems. Here are some of the best ways to store your tablet devices and keep them safe:

Single Tablets

If you just have one tablet device to store then it’s fairly simple. A hard-backed or silicone cover can help to protect the casing of your tablet device, and a screen protector will help to prevent the screen from getting scratched during transit or use.

A neoprene case will help to further protect your iPad or other tablet device during transit as the tablet will be completely cocooned and cushioned in its case.

To protect your tablet during use it’s advisable to use it with a stand that will keep it steady and go some way to prevent it being knocked or dropped.

Multiple Tablets

If you have multiple tablets to transport and store then you’ll need a specially designed storage facility.

Here at Loxit we supply a wide variety of secure tablet storage carts including the TabCart and Lapbank iPad and tablet management and security trolleys which not only store your iPads and tablets but also charges them as well.

This is an ideal storage solution for use in schools and workplaces as you can keep your devices safe and secure and they’ll all be fully charged when you come to use them.

These storage carts are lightweight and have lockable casters so that they can be wheeled around the school or workplace easily and secured in place when not in transit.