SmartConnect™ – mobile video conference solutions

NEW! SmartConnect

The Video Conferencing solution
that fits anywhere.

The Hi-Lo® Smart Connect
all-in-one Video Conference Suite
is loaded with all the features.

Which SmartConnect is right for you?

SmartConnect™ 500

Up to 65″ screen

500mm of electric height adjustment

SmartConnect™ 600

From 65″ to 86″ screen

600mm of electric height adjustment

A shared resource packed with features

A mobile solution  wheeled into position and raised to the perfect height, shared between rooms, easily relocated and stored.

Video Conference Camera Shelf and Integrated Sound bar mount – these are interchangeable, allowing either to be mounted above or below the screen.

Internal Power Management – is fully integrated as standard, via an internal 4 way power strip that combines 2 IEC outlets, to power the screen
and peripherals from just one mains input cable.

External AV Connectivity – connections come via 2x HDMI, 2x USB, 2x RJ45 – all found within the main body of the mount.

Built-in anti-collision technology – the motor cuts out and reverses by 30mm and powers off when an obstruction is detected.