Video Conference bracket

NEW! Polycom and Yealink Video Conferencing Bracket

Quickly transform your Loxit screen mount into a full video conference solution.

Whether you’re looking for a new screen mount or upgrading an existing solution, our NEW Video Conference Shelf delivers the full video conference experience quickly and easily.

Designed to work with the market leading technology from Yealink and Polycom.

How it works

The Video Conference Shelf is a telescopic bracket that can be added to a number of our screen mount solutions, making upgrades simple and straightforward, reducing down time and keeping installation costs to a minimum.

Mount above or below the screen

Designed for flexibility, the bracket allows for the mounting of the VC soundbar/camera above or below the screen. Ensuring that Touch Consoles are easily accessed and remain clear of the camera and soundbar at all times.

Which Loxit products does the Video Conference Shelf work with?

Wall to floor

8910 Slimline Fixed Height
8920 Slimline Fixed Height
8416 Mono™ Slimline Fixed Height
8432 Mono™ Slimline HD Fixed Height
8990 Slimline Fixed Height
8997 Multi Position
8433 Mono™ Fixed Height
8940 Hi-Lo® Duo™ 680
8430 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 500
8431 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 600

Loxit Video conference bracket wall to floor

Mobile trolley

8996 Trolley Fixed Height
8423 Mono™ Fixed Height
8960 Hi-Lo® Screen Lift 750
8420 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 500
8421 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 600
8945 Hi-Lo® Duo™ 680
8964 Hi-Lo® Screen Lift 750 HD

Loxit Video conference bracket mobile trolley


8428 Mono™ Fixed Height
8425 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 500
8426 Hi-Lo® Mono™ 600

Loxit Video conference bracket freestanding

Flat to Wall

8479 Heavy Duty Wall Plate

Loxit Video-Confernce-Bracket flat to wall

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